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Charlie Brown

Charlie was only with us briefly, but we took him so much to our hearts.
He found us in September 2023 after something terrible happened to him. We'll never know for sure, but it seems Charlie was run over and then thrown into the sea to die.
Charlie was washed up on the beach and survived this cruel act.
That's how he came to us. His spine was broken, and he could not move his hind legs.
Charlie lived with me at home and was terrified of people. Who could blame him?
I had no chance of touching him; he was so traumatised that he bared his teeth as soon as he felt pressured.  
We worked daily to gain his trust.
He started to eat out of my hand, and when he escaped through my broken fence one day, he returned on his own. I didn't need any more significant proof of trust.
Charlie died four weeks later, 28 October 2023. Suddenly and unexpectedly, and I still have no explanation for it.
I don't know what his life was like before this terrible accident, but I sincerely hope it was a wonderful one. And I hope he felt our love in his last weeks.
Farewell, Charlie Brown. You sit next to Norma, Tanzmarie, Dart, Tiger and Remus in a beautiful meadow.

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