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Hello, I am Freddy ... 

  • Sybille cares for me since November 2019.

  • I am a boy, born in .

  • I was run over by a car, and nobody stopped. I tried to survive with all my wounds and broken spine.

  • After a while, some people brought me to the local shelter. My lower body was full of sores and many maggots. My left leg was completely crippled, and my left paw was missing. I didn't feel any of this.

  • The vet decided to put me to sleep for medical reasons, but I fought a massive fight; I wanted to live. They stopped and decided there must be another way. That's how Sybille came into my life.

  • It was clear from the beginning that I would never walk again. After all my wounds had healed, I got a wheelchair. Initially, it was difficult because my body axis was fixed in a sitting position for a long time. Sybille did a lot of Acupuncture, massage and Physio for me.

  • Now I love to walk in a wheelchair and brave the waves in the sea like a pirate.

  • Freddy is the biggest rascal. When we meet other dogs on the beach, he always wants to start a fight. He loves cats in his own unique way - he would like to eat them. Freddy is definitely convinced that he is an entirely healthy dog - a cuddly brave guy with the heart of a lion.

  • Adopted and MDHF member since April 2021.

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