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Hello, I am Joe le Taxi ... 

  • Sybille cares for me since November 2023.

  • I am a boy, born in January 2022.

  • I was run over, and my spine was broken. I cannot hold my pee or poo, and I have no feelings in my hind legs.

  • Luckily, a family found me and brought me to the public shelter on the Island.

  • They took care of me, but I could not walk, and it was hard to give me the care I needed. As all my nerves are cut by the injury of my spine, sometimes I have prolapse. I cannot feel it, but it could be dangerous when my intestine hangs out and gets hurt. 

  • Some volunteers at the public shelter heard about Sybille and asked if I could move in, and she said YES.

  • Sybille gives a lot of training to my intact back muscles, and my sphincter starts to work again. Not always, but every day is better.

  • I have a wheelchair and love to walk with my new friends Nala, O'Malley & Evans.

  • Joe is an absolutely happy-go-lucky dog and melts everybody's heart when he jumps like a bit of smurf to the garden.

  • When you meet Joe, he will kill you with his charming look - he is a little light-hearted angel.

  • Adopted and MDHF member since November 2023

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