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Hello, I am Lio ... 

  • Sybille cares for me since December 2019.

  • I am a boy, born in August 2019.

  • Two kids brought me to the public shelter and asked if Sybille could help him. I was still a puppy, at most 4 months old, with a big belly and ears way too big.

  • The X-ray showed a fractured vertebra. I had been hit by a car.

  • Sybille trained me, but I never regained the coordination and strength in my legs; my hind legs are paralysed, and I remained incontinent.

  • Because I was so small and not vaccinated, Sybille treated me at home so I wouldn't catch anything.          I always had in mind: Yay, here I stay forever. It turned out that the family couldn't take me back, and I moved into Sybille's home.

  • My best friends are Freddy, Neo and little Tom, and our most incredible fun is picking fights with other dog packs on the beach.

  • Lio is an absolute happy-go-lucky dog and never loses a thought that he will never walk on all fours in his life.

  • Whoever Lio meets is bombarded with fiery, wet kisses - an annoying, funny bully you cannot help but love.

  • Adopted and MDHF member from the beginning.

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