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Hello, I am Nala ... 

  • Sybille cares for me since October 2020.

  • I am a girl, born in February 2019.

  • A car ran over me, and my spine broke; I am paraplegic and incontinent.

  • Unfortunately, my French owner had me operated on in Phuket without success.

  • I was supposed to stay at DCRS for only two weeks and then follow her to France - my owner never contacted me again.

  • Due to the stiffening of my spine, I always have open wounds on my back from which small cement splinters come out.

  • I became the perfect wheelchair rider.

  • I get physiotherapy so that my paralyzed hind legs don't get stiff and to strengthen my back muscles.

  • Nala is always happy, very social to her roommates, playful - to melt away.

  • Adopted and MDHF Member since April 2021.

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