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📝 8 January 2022

auf deutsch & in english 😘

Hooray for a new year and pretty girls everywhere 👧👧

First Leni and now Victoria and Alex 🤩

This is how my life can go on!

But, something is very wrong here. My two-legged ladies are crazy 😳

Bobbelinchen ????!!!! Hellooo, I'm not a Bobbelinchen after all. They hop around me in singsong and chirp Bobbelinchen.

As if I were a sugary sweet sticky muffin 🧁 (Aaah, yummy yummy yummy)!

Rapunzelchen, Tanzmariechen, someone they call Paulchen, my god, where is this going 😨.

And O'Malley - they call him O'Malley, like a badass rock star cowboy 😩😩😩😩

Omelinchen would probably be better 😬

And anyway, too much man stuff around me. I thought our in-between chaperone Rainer was the only two-legged male 🤔

Sybille chats with some guy from the computer in a totally different language. Then she grins like me when I think of well-fried chicken 🍗.

Julia croaks about another male with two legs, who will soon appear here 🏋🏾♂️

I hadn't imagined it like this 😤

Sybille always says it's all business (what kind of business anyway 😱💩?). Still, when it comes to these hairless males, the two of them giggle like crazy and chatter like chickens on coke 🐔 (cool saying, wa!? I don't know what coke is, but I heard that from the computer too; from someone doing Chicago fire or something 🤔).

So, I'll take a closer look at these guys first!

I once bit Sybille's arm by mistake. Oh dear, I actually wanted to bash the stupid Tiger in this awful animal shelter. And then suddenly, I had Sybille's arm in my mouth. My tooth went through like butter, and it bled like crazy. It must have hurt like hell, but she didn't scream as loud as that Tiger, and she wasn't angry.

Oh, my angels, they know I love them to death 🥰 So guys, watch out, you have to get past me first!

That reminds me about the animal shelter. What a horrible place 😩... I can't tell Julia and Sybille because I don't know the words, but I will never forget that they got us out there ❤️.

The other day we went there again. I was so scared we'd have to stay there 😰 But there was just a little prick 💉 . Something to make sure we never get sick. Julia comforted me and drove me home really quick 😍.

Many hairy kisses, your Bobbles ❤️🐶

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