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📝 10 December 2022

auf deutsch & in english 😘

Something terrible has happened 😔 Our Tanzmarie is gone forever, and I miss her terribly 😢.

A week ago, Tanzmarie suddenly turned yellow and became increasingly tired. Sybille immediately went with her to Dr Sit 🚑 but in the end, it was all too late 😭

Tanzmarie slept a lot and didn't want to eat anymore. So Marcus and Sybille bought sausages 🌭 every day, but even those she did not wish to in the end. Finally, our boss took Tanzmarie home, and there, our old lady was allowed to lie on a soft bed 🛌 until she completely fell asleep.

Sybille cried hard, and we also, but then she smiled and told us that Tanzmarie was now with a air balloon 🎈on the way to Norma and her beautiful garden.

Oh yes, I can well imagine 😁 Tanzmarie in the air and sails like a pirate 🏴‍☠️ through the storm. Because here it is just terrible weather, every day it flashes and thunders ☔️ everything is under water.

Our Tanzmarie had it going on! We did not always get along well because there can be only one BOSS, of course, me 😎 but I have learned a lot from our granny: Do not let anything burn and growl first... hihi 😘

Tanzmarie was a bit crazy and sometimes not entirely clear in the head, probably too many youth sins 🤔 She told us stories of her gang on the street, of nasty battles 🧨 of party excesses 🍾 of her loves ❤️‍🔥 and she always had everything under control! She gave birth to many Tanzmariechen 👶🏻 and maybe a few Mariochen 🧐 too. She was an absolute island star 🤩 When things were not going so well in old age, she came to the shelter, the place where we met and where Sybille finally found us 🥰

Tanzmarie was having quite a bit of trouble. The boxes we had to live in were too slippery. Tanzmarie couldn't stand and kept slipping 😔 Sybille always lined her place with lots of sheets 🙂 Later, Tanzmarie was allowed to live in the kitchen area. No fun for everyone else; when it came to the food, she unpacked her blatant fighting manoeuvres 🥷🏻 since everyone turned tail.

Yes, and that's why Tanzmarie is called Tanzmarie: usually staggered like a drunken ballerina 🩰 but when it came down to it, she shook smooth moves out of her sleeve in a flash 🤣

Tanzmarie had many surgeries, and she constantly had abscesses all over her body 😷 Before Dr Sit could grab her, she had to be stunned with a spook tube! She did not let anyone touch her and screamed like a spit 😱 Exactly the terrible screams with which she woke up in the middle of sleep so that all our hair stood on end.

Tanzmarie was certainly often misjudged by humans, but when she moved with us to the SDS house, she even got two Soulkeepers, Susann & Evelin 😍 Tanzmarie was a funny, crazy old lady who often drove us crazy with her nagging. She always had an incredible story in store and could be all cuddly with Sybille and the other two-legged friends ❤️

We will miss her so terribly 😢

Now I imagine her sitting with Norma on a colourful 🌼 flower meadow 🌸 looking down at us.

I loved her very much ❤️‍🩹 Your Bobbles 🐶



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