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📝 12 February 2022

auf deutsch & in english 😘

Oh dear, now they're putting me under pressure!

THEY are my two-legged ladies, Julia and Sybille.

Why haven't I written anything new yet? They say Sybille's sister is already asking... after all, Bobble's blog is always on Saturdays.

Eeeeh? 😡 Are YOU nuts ‼️ I write WHEN it suits me 😁 and these days it's far too hot for anything 🔥☀️ And what about a pay rise anyway ❓

Three hot meals a day, that's how it should be 🍕🍰🍔🌭🍖 None of them has made me that offer yet 🙃

Instead, they carried ONE in again 🐶😱

Yep, carried in, right over my head into the back areas 😤

And they are secured by now - outrageous!

Iron bars, stones, the gate was wired, and privacy screens. Like a high-security prison. Got all the info from these guys in Sybille's computer in Chicago. I want to go there someday. Fantastic guys, great ladies and always something going on 🤩

So - with us, everything is really impenetrably dense 😩 hopeless to get through.

Sometimes I hear them cackling; they did it ALL BECAUSE OF ME 😳

Pah, I just wanted to have a look around 😇

O'Malley is somewhere beyond those borders, but I had almost made it. I had quickly cut through the few cable ties with one tooth. Iron wire mesh, I just laugh, a slight pull on it and then weight against it, child's play, hihi. This silly bamboo fence - biting through it is no longer allowed, but Julia and Sybille didn't reckon on me being as agile as an elegant kitten.

It's my own fault; I can hear when you say chubby or fat behind my back 😩 It's only fur, hihi.

They were amazed when I slipped through the narrow slit. When Julia and Sybille tried to push me back, I puffed myself up 🤣 Nothing worked, and they had to hoist me over the fence. It really confused them. But that's over now, too; they've closed off EVERYTHING 😣

Where was I anyway🤔 Oh yes, they took this new old grandpa to safety from me straight away. I'm not an ogre after all 😌

But I was happy when I heard his name: Mr Flea.

Dude, what is this now ⁉️ Are we now also providing shelter for parasites 😱

All the better that he's in the back with the doofuses, lol.

So, and now I'm going to take a nap in the sun ☀️

Greetings from your extremely smooth and dashing Bobbles 🥰



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