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📝 15 April 2023

auf deutsch & in english 😘

We became famous overnight, and it had nothing to do with me 😳😫😤😡

It's unbelievable 🤬

Not even with our original account... 😱 no, with the cripples at Sybille's home 😫

Some things don't exist!

I've been thinking for a long time about whether I should even share with you 🧐

You used to ask if anything happened if I didn't get in touch, but now it's just the icy wind of public disinterest blowing in my face 😢

So it's time to write down my thought and get myself back in the forefront 🤔

So one day, some ole bitch in need shows up off the street, and she was hanging out with a well-known 2-legged one from the island.

Sybille offered her help❗️without talking it over with us❗️and suddenly everyone knew us 🤨.

This old lady can't walk... so what? Nobody can walk normally here; it's nothing special 😡

I did learn again, though, sometimes and rather less 🙃 but that would be worth a story!

This coffin dodger is all misshapen, looks like a fat sausage with stubby legs and has ears like Yoda. Her tongue hangs out all day, and everyone says: That's so cute!

That's not cute; that's disgusting 🤮 Her tongue hangs out because she has no teeth left 🤢.

Of course, Sybille has given out another of her glorious names; every douchebag here gets one: O'Malley, Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland, Arya etc. and the new one is called Miss Marple.

Only me; I'm called Bobbles, the nice fat chap next door, or Bobbelinchen if you like. It's so humiliating 😭

Okay, Orange has hit it hard, too; her name is like her hair colour 😳😂 As Sybille lovingly says, Orange only has butterflies and flowers in her head. I'd rather say it's just cotton wool in there, but you can talk yourself into it 🤪

The famous guy was even here and ultimately left me out 😤 He was dealing with Tobey Maguire. Of course, who else!?

I only saw Miss Marple once. She was carried right past me so I wouldn't bite her head like I do to everyone, as a greeting ritual 😇 Now she gets to stay home with Sybille, she's done it, and old Samy has fallen in love with her🤦

The whole affair is bitter. No one cares anymore about me 😔 Losing fame, reputation and the love of my loyal fans overnight, who will bear that? 😩

Even with my Rapunzel, I'm turned off 💔 She's after Tobey Maguire now and thinks I don't see it when she squeals around him. Women are so sly! If someone comes along with more muscles and rowdy charm, a guy like me is written off right away 😖

And in the misery, Sybille comes, pats my naked belly and croons: I love you so much ❤️

But that really only makes it a little better...

Your highly melancholic and frustrated Bobbles ❤️🐶



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