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📝 18 February 2023

auf deutsch & in english 😘

A miracle has happened 😃 or instead, even 3!

Number 1: I no longer have to pee so much! Yay 🥳 I have become an typical dog. Well, typical, of course not; I am the perfect dog 😁.

Sybille prescribed me medicine, and I guess you can only get that in the country where she comes from. So her friend Petra, a human doctor too, bought it for me. Sybille now keeps muttering that I'm the $1 million 💰 dog. Of course! For the best, only the best... 😎

Number 2: My Anna flew the pills all the way to me, and she will stay with us for a very long time. Just for me 🥰 Unfortunately, she has to live with grumpy Hanna and only comes when it's light, which does not suit me. But as Marcus always says, you have to swallow a toad 🐸

Since I take the pills 💊 I no longer have such a thirst and make much less pee.

No more hours of pee orgies, not so many bubble baths and never nappies again 🥳‼️🥳‼️

Sybille explained that I am missing a hormone in my head, and now I get that as medicine. Are you crazy? With me, nothing is missing 🤨 My brain power is so enormous, my head can also not think of every unimportant stuff and produce dubious hormones. Therefore, there is the finest medicine for above-average, highly gifted dogs like me 🤩

Number 3: Orange is back 😌 She had escaped the whole night 😳 Sybille was beside herself with worry. Organe has probably sneaked out 🤔 when our boss drove from the yard.

Everyone was here to search 💪🏼 Sybille drove around with Marcus, and Anna waited with us. Our boss has decided to live with us until we have Orange back 😃 😍.

And what does the stupid turkey do? She just stands in front of the gate as if nothing had happened 🤦🏻

I scream: Orange disappear again ‼️🤪

My Anna has really nasty grumbled at me 🥺 But she can not possibly understand me 🧐

In no time, our boss and Marcus drove up in the old rattletrap 🚗. From the dream that Sybille would sleep the following weeks, months, and years with us 😩 But Sybille was so happy; to see and hear how she hums with her singsong tune Orange Orange was lovely 🥰

Orange looked like a filthy pig 💩

And of course, we don't know about anything because her lousy brain 🧠 forgot about all her nighttime adventures ☹️ Just one light moment when she left our paradise to explore the world. And that was probably quite different than the bipeds think 😇

Our Orange is pretty simple-minded; in her head is only a colourful flower meadow 🌸 ... but there is the broken fence at the ghost houses, and who knows, maybe they whispered to our Orange at night, it's over there 🤭

The whole truth will never come out 😏 but the fence will be fixed anyway.

Your relieved & happy Bobbles 🐶❤️



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