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📝 19 February 2022

auf deutsch & in english 😘

What a scare - Sybille had to go to Bangkok 😱

OMG, I've already heard such bad things about this place... From former inmates at the horrible shelter 😨

Bangkok, a juggernaut with too much concrete, skyscrapers, lousy air, and nasty two-legged guys 😰 Alcohol, parties, drugs, I don't even know where to stop 😞

And always because of this business 💩 WHAT BUSINESS ⁉️ Nobody enlightens me 😤 That's also the reason why Sybille is not with us EVERY DAY. It's sooo awful 😫

But Bangkok is also supposed to be the place with fantastic food, soft white pillows and carpets 🤗 no dog hair, no tipple and no poop... Pffff, how boring 🥱

All in all, I wanted to go! After all, I have to protect Sybille! Nothing works without me, and such a soft pillow wouldn't be bad either 😁

No sooner said than done, I made it clear to my two-legged ladies with my incredible looks: I have to go ‼️

Oh, they looked at me very sweetly and then it came: No, I can't.

Huh❓ WHAT ⁉️ What do you mean by "I can't", and so succinctly.

Yes, I can't, Sybille said. Because then I'd have to go on a plane with her ✈️ Yay, yay, plane, those mega-cool things high in the air 🥳 But - I'd have to get into a box in the lower deck with no windows. HOWEVER, what a crate 😳 Am I perhaps a second class dog????

What an INCREDIBILITY, these silly conceited bipeds 😡.

So there I sat, worried that something would happen to the little one, and away she went 😢

But in our house, it was all over 🥳 WOMEN´S FIGHTS, crass 😂 I thought I didn't see correctly. Beautiful Sophia did a death roll and knocked Arya out. A scream, old fart! Arya was shrieking so loud; the windows were already clanging. And then all the other ladies on it too. Ok, the dancing Marie and Orange somehow missed the beating. The two of them aren't quite so evident in the head 🤪

I watched the whole thing comfortably from the terrace.

Julia finally came rushing in like an avenging angel. She also got into the pile, pulled here and there, pointed the water cannon at it and eventually, they were all dispersed.

Well, Sophia's beauty career is over now. The ear has a hole and is hanging down. Sadly sad... But a pleasure to watch, hihi.

After sleeping twice, we heard the car. She was back ❣️

We all stood at the gate and yodelled. Sybille came in with her chicky-chicky clothes 👠👗. But she ripped them right off when we jumped on her and got into her nice grubby stinky clothes. Hmmm, they smell soo good. And then we snuggled a lot ❤️🥰

Your relieved and happy Bobbels 🐶



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