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📝 2 April 2022

auf deutsch & in english 😘

My life is a drama. It's terrible 😫😱

I was sooo happy, and the times were sooo lovely. Anna and Alex were by my side ❤️ and now everything is different...

It all started quite harmlessly.

Rainer cut my hair 💇🏻♂️ Bobbelchen, he said, we have to cut your wet areas again - belly, legs, butt.

I loll around comfortably and let him do it.

Slumbering slightly away, I didn't mind as he worked nimbly on my head. Snip snip; it was airy afterwards.

I didn't realise the full extent until the next day 😨

Evil was on my mind as Anna, Julia and Sybille stared at me 🙀 A soundless scream formed on their faces, white as a sheet, close to fainting 😧

Rainer cut everything off ‼️ including my beard and fuzzy ears 😩 All in a pathetic stubble-step cut.

Oh my god 😢 but what was I supposed to do. Rainer is almost bald himself and not at all fashion-conscious 😞

Sybille patted me and purred; it's growing again. But I saw her and Julia exchanging glances. I am DEFORMED. What a shame 😫

Of course, that's not enough.

That mangy wannabe Mister Supercool Evans 😎 comes to visit every day now❗️That's the white boardwalk mix from the shelter. The cripple can't walk either but is happy to let his six-pack play 💪🏼 He spends the whole day in the sun ☀️ and turns on the girls. My little Rapunzel has completely lost his head and is raving about him. He can go fuck himself 😡

So I casually stand at the water bowl every day; I can stand on four legs after all 😁.

But what can I say? I've become a joke 😤😖 Stubbly short haircut on my belly, legs and bottom, bald head, plus these ridiculous nappies. What a misery 😩

But the worst thing is, not only have my godparents left; SHE's gone too 😳 So far away 🌍 First my Julchen last year and now my Bille. I can't stand it 😭

Deeply immersed in my grief, Julia then shamelessly took advantage of it to remove my last dignity 😥 She took away my previous stubble. With shining eyes, she shaved my bottom bare like a suckling pig 🐷

I live in a dictatorship and am powerless 🥺

Your sad and disfigured Bobbles 🐶❤️



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