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📝 21 January 2023

auf deutsch & in english 😘

My life is a disaster 😩 incredible women 👩🏻🤝👩🏽 are currently cavorting around me 😍 I look like a fool 😤 and they want to educate me too 🤔 Helloooo, are you kidding me ⁉️⁉️

Sybille unpacked her hair-cutting machine, and off we went. She cut my butt again airy, in the heat, a incredible relief 😎

She has combs, brushes, finest utensils unpacked, my long hair untangled, purr,... and then, she has worked her way forward 😳

So fast I could not look, schwuppdiwupp, and my short hair hairstylist was ready 😱

While before I looked like a daring pirate 🏴☠️ now I look like a first grader with a pot cut 😡 ...

It's pathetic; no chance with the girls anymore; I barely pass as a lovable chubby 🥺 And the girls are top-notch 😁

There's Jana; she studies everything there is to know about us in the city with the pretzels 🥨 if we're ever sick, and she always tickles so nicely with her long hair 🥰

Cindy and Antje have made only a short trip to us. Too bad, because Cindy sometimes looks so wonderfully annoyed 😂

And then there is Marion. I thought she was really nice... but she wants to teach me manners 🤨 and our boss simultaneously. She supposedly lets us get away with too much 🤪 Marion, I know all that, but I DON'T WANT TO 😣‼️‼️‼️

She uses such brutal methods as love withdrawal and water splashing 😨 Degrading 😠 I think I will contact Peta and the Geneva Human Rights Commission. What applies to bipeds applies double to quadrupeds❗️Die should put her in as soon as possible the handicraft 🧐

Marion has a film dog agency, and for that, I am precisely her man 😎

I have to make her understand that I was born a star 🤩 even without her ridiculous educational measures.

Besides, Daniel is there 😊 Boah, he has muscles 💪🏼 it is even Tobey envious. As if carved out of stone! He doesn't groan when he lifts me up, and he casually carries our Rapunzelchen under his arm like a squeaky little handbag 🙃.

In the meantime, Sybille has also smuggled a new one past me again 🤨

Master Eder, he yodels pretty wonderfully, a real musician 🎶

He does look a bit freaky, and has four totally crooked feet, but luckily he lives out back with the idiot O'Malley and doesn't bother me 😌

The other day we were all singing along with him 🎤 when Marcus was at dinner. Didn't think Marcus was funny at all, but we thought it was great 🥳 We're a great choir 🤩

With Marion's contacts, we might be performing my Bobbles musical on Broadway soon. Me and my background choir 🤩🥰 World - I'm coming 🥳❗️

Your dreamy Bobbles ❤️🐶



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