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📝 22 October 2022

auf deutsch & in english 😘

They were back again, my godparents, Anna and Alex 🥰

Ohh, she tastes sooo good 😋 And Alex always has a little treat with him 🍗

However, both had this absurd brainchild to adopt Evans as well 😳

Pah, this wannabe prole can pack up next to me; I remain number ONE 😁

Okay, okay, I know what you really want to know... Yeah, he moved out 😓

Marcus looked really bad after 10 days, all grey, and he barely spoke 😱

Now he's gone, and with him, the music in the evening, the delicious smell of food, and our night parties... . He just left 😩

We didn't give him long anyway; one night, he would have dropped dead, and how would we have explained that to Sybille 🤔 .

It has one good thing, the arrogant airhead is gone - Hanna.

The beast mobbed all day and was allowed to sleep in Marcus's room at night 😤

Evans didn't get it; he's a bit more simple-minded. He was constantly hanging on to her like an old stilt 😖.

Luckily Marcus still comes to us during the day 🥰 and Hanna, she sometimes comes with Sybille. That's just about bearable.

The other day, she told us a mega-awesome story, and she got it from Lilo, who was also here for a short time for training and is now running free in the wide world.

A great story - about heroes, real courage, monster creepers and a lost soul 😯

So, it's about Ole 🐕, and when girls tell you about him, their eyes light up. He is smart, tall, and muscular 💪🏼 the dream of all women 😎

Ole is the dog of Grandma and Grandpa Ming, Sybille's landlords from their home, where we will never be... 😢

Ole was missing for almost 3 days 😱 and finally, Grandpa Ming, his daughter Daa, Sybille, and Lilo went to look for him - right into the jungle 👹🦎🕸🐍

Grandpa Ming had a pretty cool Mickey Mouse cap on his head and a huge machete in his hand. Sybille was in her best threads 👗 because she had to go to Bangkok.

They fought through an impenetrable green hell, and Grandpa Ming cleared the way. It was hot and humid 🥵 hand teller giant mosquitoes everywhere, 🦟 long tentacles of creepy plants reached for them, everything buzzed and rustled around them, and in the distance, Ole whimpered pathetically 😨 HORRIBLE‼️

Sybille lost her barrette and a whole tuft of hair on the long way to find Ole. Fortunately, she is not bald now 😅

And finally, they had made it 🥳

In the middle of a hill, in the stranglehold of the creepers, Ole was shaking. The poor guy couldn't even lie down 😧

Can you imagine that ⁉️⁉️⁉️nothing to eat, no drink, no warm bed. I still have nightmares about that story.

During the liberation, Sybille got the worst marks, scratches, and a tear in her blouse.

But then Ole was free 👏 Right past Grandpa Ming and Daa, he shot home hungry with Lilo in front. Sybille hung on the leash behind 🙈

Unfortunately, both have forgotten that bipeds are badly go on foot. Stupidly run 🫢 The last piece they have dragged our Boss a slope on her butt under. What a jamboree 🤪 From then on, Sybille's clothes had all changed colour, all black.

All's well that ends well, and Ole was safe 🥰

Everyone was happy, and Ole got a massive bowl of our best food.

We are mighty proud of our Boss ❣️

Your grateful Bobbles 🐶❤️



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