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📝 24 September 2022

auf deutsch & in english 😘

Heidewitzka 🥳 we have a new roommate❗️

He has only two legs and very little hair 😳 So, he is entirely naked. As far as I could see, he only has fur on his head 🤔.

Marcus moved in with us a week ago. We've become a super shared apartment 🤗 He lives directly in the room across from Rapunzelchen and me. Best choice 😁

Our days together are wonderful 🥰 Marcus is constantly scurrying around in the garden, and we watch him lying down on the cold terrace. Everything he builds and carpenters are for us!

Rainer and Sybille come over - paradise has finally dawned 🤩

Marcus sweetens our evenings with fantastic music, and it smells heavenly in the kitchen.

However, we still have to practice a little. Marcus has not understood that he may not possibly stuff everything alone in itself 😤 A minus point in my kingdom, but I'm working on it 🙃

And then the night falls ... 🌌

It's pitch black around our house, and there are all sorts of creepy noises from creatures we've never seen before. Everything is eerily beautiful, like in a homey horror classic 🦇

In the attic, it pattering around nimbly, the frogs in the pond croaking, from the little jungle next door, we hear it chirping and purring and squeaking ...

Until she awakens ... 🧟♀️

Tanzmarie, out of a deep sleep, out of nowhere, jumps up and screams bloodcurdling 😱😱😱

Our granny supposedly knows nothing the following day 🙈

My whole fur stands up every time I hear her scream 😬

And Marcus, the first time, stood upright in his bed and staggered out of his room - with a bright light in his hand.

Great 🥳 the night is over! Sun ☀️ there is not yet, but light 💡.

My buddy Evans peed on him right away, our granny was still screaming like in a zombie movie, the backroom gang started yodelling, and I finally made Marcus understand that I needed to get to him. I pressed myself against our room door and rumbled with my paws against it 🙃

This is how we do it every night now, a mad spectacle 😇😇😇

Marcus has not understood me so far 🧐

The first time he put me out in the yard. Man o man, he must be crazy 😨 I'm scared shitless in the dark. Have also immediately called for him. And it became light again, with him on it.

He no longer puts me in the garden, but he does not get it, although my big eyes look at him pleadingly 🥺 Pleaseeeee let me to you!

Because Marcus has a 2 x 2-meter bed 🛌 It would be so wonderful if I could cuddle with him in it at night. Hah, that makes me feel all cosy ❤️

Like I said, I'm working on it 😎

Unfortunately, I'm finding that Marcus is already looking pretty rumpled and ill-tempered in the mornings after the first week 🤔

I need to talk to the others because we definitely don't want to lose our two-legged buddy 🥰

Your happy night owl Bobbles ❤️🐶



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