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📝 29 January 2022

auf deutsch & in english 😘

A great day! We went to the beach ☀️🏝

Only the crème de la crème was allowed to accompany me ❤️🐾 A select entourage 😁

I had the sunny spot in the back on Sybille's oversized lounger with my Rapunzelchen. Our volunteers, Alex and Vicky 👭🏻 were also allowed on it. The beautiful Sophia 🐕 sat in the car. Great lady, but sometimes quite conceited. Constantly she growls when I come to her.

Sybille drives off and suddenly turns to the most terrible place in the world 😱 - the animal shelter. Then I see her our Julia, and on her arm, she has a run-down white mutt. Ey, is it still going ⁉️ I smelled it immediately, a guy 😡

I told you, my girls with their helper syndrome are sometimes crazy. What does this freak want on our trip ⁉️ End of the song, Sophia made eyes at him 😳 Rapunzel lay at his feet, and I was tied up most brutally or dragged into the water 😫 - and the Julia, she's strong, just steely muscle mass 💪🏼 Sybillchen doesn't look like that at all, but doesn't let me get away with anything either 🤨

So there I sat, exposed, chained to a palm tree and had to watch this disgrace from TWO meters away, pfff 😤

Sybille finally did exercises with the guy. He has looked quite comfortable and rolled in the sand.

Oh, I felt sorry for him then, too 😢 He can't move his back legs at all, and I remember how nice it was when Sybille did that to me 🥰

Later we took him back, back to that noisy, smelly creepy place 🥺

That wasn't nice either.

Ok, ok, I will think about letting him come to our place too 🤔

Hairy kisses and big thank you hugs ❤️ for all your help, your thoughtful Bobbles.

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