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📝 5 March 2022

auf deutsch & in english 😘

Today it's serious 🙁

This message must go around the world‼️ To all my four four-legged friends and enemies 😉 TAKE GOOD CARE, they're crazy, the two-legged ones 😡 Well, almost all of them.

I had no idea 😢

Sybille has been sorrowful lately and not always on top of things, but now she's told us all about it.

Lio, another four-legged friend, ate a plastic bag on the dirty beach. Terrible 😱 could happen to me too 😰 Who does that❓ Putting food in plastic bags and then throwing it away 😤

Lio just threw up 🤮 and he was in terrible shape. He almost died 😢. The dog doctors had to cut open his stomach and his intestines ‼️ It was disgusting 🤢 and they took the thing out. He was in the hospital for a fortnight 🏥 They even put a tube in his pee-pee 😳 so he wouldn't pee all over himself. Such a horrible humiliation 😰 Because he can't hold anything either.

Now he's back ❤️, and our Sybille is happy 🥰

I want to meet this cool pig sometime. He doesn't seem to chew when he eats; otherwise, he would have noticed it 🤔.

However, it's not at all clear to me WHY she has other four-legged friends beside us. WHERE ABOVE⁉️

Maybe I can do a house swap with him sometime 😃 Then I'll be with my girls, Julia and Sybille, nearby❣️ even at night 😍

What I wanted to say ☝️ Dear two-legged friends, please only throw away food without plastic bags! (Who is sooo crazy and throws away food 🤨) Then we can digest much better, and Sybille will never be so sad again 😌

Your dedicated and world-improving Bobbles 🐶



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