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📝 5 November 2022

auf deutsch & in english 😘

Life can be just beautiful ☀️

It was our boss's birthday 🤩🎂

Gosh❗️I didn't know she was ancient 😳 350 dog years 😱 glaring, Sybille is older than Tanzmarie 🤪

Luckily she is still reasonably fit and handsome 😇

Can't imagine if she was as wrinkled as the old grumpy bitch, with her tongue at half past eight and constantly drooling and clamouring 🧐

Let's hope it stays this good for a long time 😁

The birthday week was quite wonderful 🎁 We had a lot of visitors from two-legged ones who came from far away. From a distant land called the coal pot! That's where Sybille was born 350 years ago. Already impaired, if you have to live in a gloomy pot with dirty coal 🥺 And that's why everyone there has black necks and yellow teeth 😬

But the visiting troupe looked quite respectable. No wonder the guys were probably scrubbed, similar to how we do every day 🛁 But they were incredibly charming and sooo cuddly. And our boss was happy all the time 🥰

Extraordinary that Sybille can live with us forever exceptionally clean in the sun 🏝☀️

And the best comes at the end 😎 she has brought us all to the internet 🥳

From now on, the whole world can read my mind games 🤗 It will be great! I'll be famous, and all mankind will be lining up at our gates.

Life is so beautiful, without any dramas and other misdeeds 😊

Your blissful Bobbels ❤️🐶



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