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📝 8 July 2023

auf deutsch & in english 😘

We are still famous in the world of hairy stars, and the girls talk about nothing else 🥳🤩 Only my star, it's faded 😟

It's questionable how this could happen and even more questionable who will become a star here. Lilo. LILO ⁉️ Let me tell you the truth about Lilo. The little brat sits in the car all day when Sybille takes her to our place because she's scared of me 😬 And Hanna, that terror queen, is unbearable 🤮 I heard she's already commissioned paw prints for her autograph cards 😤 No one talks about me any more 😩 That's right!

Sybille was in Rome again without me 🥺 What happened to our dreams? Sunny afternoons on the Piazza Navona ❤️ languishing looking at Bernini artworks. Sybille sips espresso, and countless Bombolonis disappear in my mouth. Cheese plates and Pinot Grigio we share in the sunset.

She just flew off on her own 😭 The great Bobbolus Bomboloni has become a minor figure of fun 😱

So it's time to tell my story myself 🧐 For a dramatic reel with a heartbreaking happy ending and elaborate music, my pathetic fate doesn't seem to be enough 🤨

In 2020, I was hit by a car. I don't remember, and the is called retrograde amnesia 😏 I remember waking up in a dark hole, but I don't know where I lived. Now I was trapped in hell 😰 It was loud, it stank. I couldn't feel my legs anymore, but my whole back hurt. I was lying on a damp hard floor, and my wounded legs looked horrible. I was terrified 😓 And one day, two girls stood in front of my box and looked at me. One purred in a foreign language, like: Hui, who do we have here? That was the first time I heard Sybille 😍 She stomped into my dungeon and wanted to stroke me. Oops, not so fast 😧 I growled and bit her. The girls ran off again straight away! I was glad; at least I could still 💪🏼 But barely a minute later, they were back. With a muzzle 😳 In no time, they had tinkered with it; I couldn't open my mouth that quickly. They had taken my last weapon 😰 And then it started. One of them carried me out; what a relief for my back. I was shampooed and wrapped in a fluffy towel. They scrubbed my box from top to bottom and made me a soft bed 🤩 Sybille bandaged all my wounds, checked my medicine and from then on, they did it every day ❤️ with a muzzle 🤨 At some point, Sybille came alone. I made myself extra heavy, hihi. She groaned quite a bit, and my muzzle hung all over. She only noticed in the middle of my spa procedure and looked at me big time. I gave her a gracious smile 🙃 and from then on, she was allowed to devote herself to me without any restraints 😇

I wish I'd done this sooner 🤦‍♂️ Sybille has now carried me all the way through this horrible dark place into the sunshine every day ☀️ They were all 🤩 O'Malley, Nala, Sophia, Orange, Fred, Arya, Tobey Maguire. We lay together on big mats, and Sybille massaged us and moved all our legs through. Well, only for those who still had them 🤪 A dream 💕And it became even more wonderful when I moved into Sybille's private ward. Upholstered beds, everything spotless, music and light, it could have gone on forever 💕.

When the wounds on my legs had healed, which went right down to the bone, Sybille stuck tiny needles in them. Are you crazy 😱 but they only tickled, and suddenly I could feel my legs again. Acupuncture is called 🤓 and I can't tell you how fantastic it is to suddenly feel again. I cried blissfully into my pillows all night 🥰.Still, I couldn't stand and certainly couldn't walk, and Sybille got wheelchairs for us ♿️ Cool, we were roughing up this shelter 😆 then it happened between me and O'Malley. The asshole ate the rice I wanted 😡 The guy is speedy, while I barely got off the ground. In the end, even my trolley collapsed under me 😳 O'Malley eats while chattering about what a fat, lame pig I am 😤 So I grabbed him and beat him well. Now you understand my enmity towards this idiot 😠

In April 2021, we were gone. All of us! To our beautiful home 💕

I live in the front, O'Malley in the back, and the roles are clearly divided 😁

The more I practised, the more confident I became on my feet. I can't quite do it, but more and more often, and my Sybille is so proud of me 😍

Your brave survivor Bobbles 🐶❤️

© 2021 - 2023 my disabled hairy friends. All Rights Reserved.



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