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📝 12 December 2021

auf deutsch & in english 😘

So, I've now taken over all this paperwork. Otherwise, it won't be any good anyway ☺️ Once a month isn't enough; there's always something going on!!!

And I put last month's money plan in there too 💰

Actually, Rapunzel, my roommate, would write the following letter. I think the squeaky little aunt is nuts. I actually like her a lot, but she always squeals in my ear so much that my ear fluff flutters and gets ultimately out of shape. It's not enough to write letters. She can't concentrate because she's so excited all the time ☝️.

Anyway, this whole gang of women 👯♀️ is sometimes thoroughly exhausting, phew.

I'm not allowed to say that out loud, of course, because I'm the cock of the walk, and O'Malley can sit in the back with Nala. One day I'll get the little one around, and then he can see where he stays, hihi 🤭

So what's been going on in the last few days.

Yay 🥳 our other two-legged housemate has come back. I have no idea where she's been, but we're all soooo happy 🥰 And Julia is powerful. She immediately took me on her lap and cuddled my bulging naked belly.

I don't know if I like it that much... Sybille shaved it bald and says that I won't smell like pee anymore.

I feel very disadvantaged by such statements. Because it's actually quite fantastic when it gets nice and moist and warm on the belly. The advantage is letting it run, and our two-legged ladies clean everything quickly and smartly 🧹 .

But the other day even I felt sick... 🤢

Sybille made our food in the laundry room. She brazenly blocked the way to it with a baby gate.

There's not much room in front of it either; Rapunzel and I can just poke our noses through, but Dancing Marie is ultimately bananas. When Rapunzel and I were already waiting in front of the grille, the old lady came up from behind and did her strange leg contortions. Totally crazy. I had a bit of a tummy ache, and the dancing Marie got me terribly excited with her stomping so that a big soft pile escaped from me 💩 It stank terribly, but Rapunzel and I didn't move to avoid drama. Only the old madwoman kept dancing and, of course, stepped right into it, slipped and then went in with her whole body.

In the four-legged splits on the floor, she flailed around like crazy. My poop splattered all the way to the opposite wall. Horrible!!!

Then Sybille came with 6 food bowls in her hand.

Her mouth was suddenly wide open when she saw us and no sound came out...

She scared me a bit at that moment 😱 but... they are cool, our two-legged girls. She casually walked through the bars and carried Rapunzel and me out of the danger zone. She distributed the food to everyone, put a towel over my poop and helped the old lady to get back on her feet.

And then we filled our bellies.

Later, Sybille cleaned everything. I think she really likes doing that. She always looks pretty concentrated and conscientious.

So, that's it 😁, hairy kisses, your Bobbles 🐶



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