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Sybille has been caring for Tanzmarie since July 2020.
Tanzmarie passed away from liver failure on December 8, 2022.
She was a unique, quirky granny and had lived a long life on the streets of Koh Samui. No one knows how old she ended up being.
Sybille found her at the local animal shelter in 2020, where she was treated for a tail injury.
Tanzmarie had deteriorated badly at the shelter. The box she was housed in was too slippery, and she had difficulty walking or standing. She also had recurring abscesses all over her body. Before any surgery, she had to be anaesthetized with a spook tube. She would not let anyone touch her and scream like a banshee if anyone got too close. Later Tanzmarie was allowed to live in the kitchen area. No fun for all the other dogs because she defended it uniquely when it came to food.
That's where Tanzmarie got her name: She usually staggered around like a drunken ballerina, but when it came down to it, she shook out smooth moves with lightning speed.
She was undoubtedly often misjudged by people.
In April 2021, Tanzmarie finally moved into the
MDHF -House.
She could drive us crazy with her nagging, always wanting to be there and have her peace at the same time. Tanzmarie could scream incredibly loud, usually out of nowhere, when she woke up, making all of our hair stand on end. Then she seemed a little crazy...
But most of the time, she was incredibly adorable and cuddly - a golden treasure dressed up as a big monchichi.
We miss her very much.

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