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Hello, I am Tom ... 

  • Sybille cares for me since March 2023.

  • I am a boy, born in October 2022.

  • I was run over by a car. Rod & Jewells, good friends of Sybille stopped at the accident without hesitation, bundled me up, and saved my life.

  • I had many severe injuries and I was already gone into shock. My lower body was lifeless, so the vet suspected a broken spine.

  • I survived the night, and Sybille picked me day the next day. I was so scared but was no longer in life-threatening danger.

  • The X-ray finally confirmed that my spine, pelvis, and left knee were broken.

  • Sybille supports me as much as possible so all my wounds healed. We did physio and acupuncture together.

  • Unfortunately, my legs had become stiff and stretched forward. The Vet already amputee one. In addition, I remained incontinent. But I don’t care that I can’t walk normally. I am perfectly normal, and run through the beach with my wheel chair.

  • My roommates at night are Lio and Freddy, my wheelchair buddies.

  • Tom has become a little rascal and does everything that puppies do - he is our little baby boy.

  • Adopted and MDHF member since March 2023.

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