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Make a Donation

If you want to support us, we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

We need lots of things every month.

Yummy food and treats, tons of diapers, cleaning supplies and wet wipes.
Sometimes also medical stuff, like bandages, disinfection kiton, anti-tick medicine, and new blankets and cushions for better sleep.

A food bag of 20 kg costs about 30 €, and we need five a month: 150 €.

Three cans of wet food cost about 3 €; we eat 180 a month: 180 €.

And treats you can never have enough anyway, a bag costs around 6 €.
Some of us need diapers all the time: 130 male wraps per month cost around
45 €, 150 nappies per month cost around 50 €.

For medical stuff we need to pay around 100 € every month.
A new wheelchair costs a lot: 160 €.

And we regularly need new wheels, one pair costs around 18 €.

But the most expensive is our rent: 620 € per months.
Please help to keep our loving place!

my disabled hairy friends is a private non-profit project.

We are happy about everything ;)

And if you are not nearby to bring us something, our boss will gladly buy it for you.

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