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📝 29 October 2023

auf deutsch & in english 😘

Yeah, I know. I've been on an extended creative hiatus, and it's not going to get any better 😩

I need a plan for a weekly Bobbles Blitz Blog or something 🧐 because on this island 🏝️ everything has become highly confusing 😠 my head starts spinning since this Irish superstar ☘️ is also involved 🤔

I hardly ever see Sybille any more 😫 she has to help someone somewhere all the time, and I find out about it from Instagram. An impertinence 🤬

I want to scream out loud: Ignore the other mutts‼️‼️

Aren't we enough 🥺 ❤️ who cares about these strange dogs? But of course, that wouldn't be my Sybille... 🥰

Only the fat Cindy I fell in love with 🤪 an absolute stunner 😍 and her name, Cindy Crawford, is music to my ears. When she has lost a little weight with her private trainer, she can move in with me and lie in my paws at night ❤️‍🔥

Unfortunately, that will probably only be a dream forever! I'm seldom granted any luck 😢

And I forgot to tell you the best part because I was so shocked!

Hanna has left 🥳 She flew off to Germany, where our boss comes from.

Well, they got the devil in the house there 😂 Every day, I watch the news and wait: state of emergency in Berlin or something. Hannah has taken over the Bundestag. Pay attention!!! Wanted: Grumpy Hanna! 🤣

Hannah's newest friend is now an electric hoover that looks like the flying saucer, only crashed. I always knew crazy Hanna lost her marbles. 🤣

So we got a new housemate, of course...

And no one ever takes the time to properly introduce us. So I thought I'd start today 😊

The new one is Black Fabius. He has such long teeth that he scares me sometimes. He grins stupidly all the time, one ear down and one up, and everyone thinks he's cute as a button 😤 With his long teeth, he looks like a vampire 🦇 must have watched too much Vampire Diaries. Of course, he wasn't run over; no, he was shot and is now a paraplegic. Here, everyone really does what they want to get in the spotlight 🤨

The only man I tolerate around me is named Evans. Christian Evans, Captain America, slick dandy, Mr Nice-Guy, and deadly dull 🥱 but everyone loves - me too, sometimes 😇

The second from the Marvel brothers is Spider-Man Tobey Maguire and my mortal enemy 😡 A total ass who is, unfortunately, good looking 🤮 The guy only has two legs; the rest was whacked. Because he hops like a kangaroo, his butt is naturally mega-toned. It even makes me dizzy, but I have other advantages 🤓. The girls are into him, all❗️even the two-legged ones. That's bad enough, but my Rapunzel has fallen for him, too 😧 But Tobey only has eyes for Arya. Our eternal victim, Arya, has only three legs and a broken hip. Tobey thinks she's great, and as soon as a woman becomes attractive to a man, the rest of us take a closer look 😁 men are so easy to see through 🤷, and she has beautiful eyes 😍

Sophia, the eternal diva with the silky coat, doesn't tolerate the ticks here so well 🤔 since she was bitten, she doesn't walk quite smoothly and wiggles like an electric eel 🤭 She'd get everyone around but isn't interested in anyone, only herself 🙃

Orange is not quite right in the head. Lovingly, Sybille says there are flowers 🌸 and butterflies 🦋, but nothing but a load of wind inside.😅 When I scare her, she jumps high in the air 😇 but she's a good soul.

Even as a puppy, my little Rapunzel wasn't frightened. She got into a fight with a really nasty guy. He bit her back really hard, and crack cracks, her back was through 🥹 She doesn't care; she's the coolest girl ever 😎

O'Malley is a douchebag and dumbass 😏 He was also run over and is a paraplegic. The accident seems to have hit more than just his spine. The guy only has two brain cells, one to eat and one to grin at 🤪.

The rest of the squad next time, because something terrible happened!!!!

They were here, the Irish superhero 🦸‍♂️ and Lana, quite a lovely woman 👩🏻 They were shooting videos of us, and I won't be in 😫

To play the host, I bit Evans in the neck, just a little 😝

Wow, the two-legged friends were shocked 🤭

Sybille was pissed off and locked me in my room for the whole time 😭

Again, I wasn't the centre of attention 😓 but my time will come. The best always comes at the end 🤩🥳

Your (self) in love Bobbles 🐶❤️

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