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about Sybille

  • Born in Dortmund, Germany.

  • Studied human medicine and became a gynaecological surgery specialist focusing on breast cancer and endometriosis patients.

  • Travelled and worked as a medical student around Asia since 1993 (India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Kambodscha, Indonesia, Buthan, China).

  • 2011 was Sybille's first time at the local dog & cat shelter, DCRS, and she met Tiger, a little puppy disabled by a cruel human act. Tiger lived in Germany for several years with Sybille and his best friend, Remus.

  • Till 2013 Sybille was a senior physician in a German hospital. Every annual holiday, she spent at Koh Samui helping stray dogs in need.

  • 2013 "all-new" - Sybille quit her full-time doctor's job: Until 2020, she volunteered for up to 6 months at Koh Samui's shelter. The other months she returned to Germany, working in different German hospitals. On Samui, Sybille mainly cared for dogs with extensive wounds. Later she focused on dogs for special care after an accident or severe infections. Starts training dogs with physiotherapy, acupuncture, water gym and loving care to bring them back to life and, in the best cases, to walk again.

  • 2017 Samy came into her life. A dog with severe neurological symptoms, almost dead and unable to do anything. Against everyone's opinion to put him to sleep, Sybille trained him for several months. It took Samy a long time of hard work, but in the end, miraculously, he made it. He started walking again, and although his brain was a little damaged, he is the most grateful and lovable dog. Back in Germany, Sybille suffered a heavy blow. She had to put her dog, Remus, to sleep because of a rare bowel disease.

  • 2018 Sybille returned to Thailand, brought Tiger back to Samui and rented a permanent home for him and Samy.

  • 2019 two furry members joined the family: Dart suffered a tetanus infection and was in terrible condition. Lio, a fatty little pup hit by a car, moved in. After a while, it was for sure he would never walk again.

  • 2020 Covid begins: Sybille decides to stay on Koh Samui with her dogs and continue volunteering at DCRS. On 25 August 2020, Sybille's beloved Tiger died. After hard times her hairy family continues to grow.

  • 2021 is the year of good decisions: For a long time, Sybille has had the vision to start her own non-profit project for dogs with special needs, a safe place, which they deserve after all the suffering. This vision is taking more and more exact shape in her mind.

  • Besides her passion, Sybille is a health consultant for the Clinic for integrative medicine in Koh Samui.

Sybille created my disabled hairy friends on 17 April 2021, and here we are!!! 

Sybilles´ former rescue work

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